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The average effective increase is close to 6%

2008 Salary Agreement Signed for Citigroup BSSC (ENGLISH)

Management of BSSC and workers representatives, along with the usual dynamics since 2000, has reached an agreement for the revision of salaries applicables in 2008 to employees of BSSC. You can found detailed information here.


This year (as in 2004) has been reached with the Collective Agreement(Oficinas y Despachos de Catalunya) expired (it was applicable from 2004 to 2007) and pending the negotiation of the new. Therefore, the Official table that served to the parties to guide previous agreements is not available. We have waited news of progress of negotiations for new agreement, but the expectation is that there is nothing before the summer and both sides decided to take the initiative and continue with the usual dynamics of salary review in March.



Salary increases for Rating Performance


  • Rating 1 --> 7,5%
  • Rating 2 --> 6,5%
  • Rating 3 --> 5,5%
  • Rating 4 --> 4%
  • Rating 5 --> 4%
  • N/A         --> 4%

 Points to consider

√ľ      The increase will be full paid into ¬ďComplemento Personal¬Ē concept.

√ľ      Percentage improving on 2007 gross annual salary.

√ľ      When the Collective Agreement was signed, amounts will be distributed between ¬ďSalario Base¬Ē and ¬ďComplemento Personal¬Ē.

√ľ      Salary changes will be effective with  effects from January 1st. You will receive payment in arrears for this concept (¬ďAtrasos¬Ē).

Clossing comments for this item, with this distribution, 93% of rated employees will has increases of 5.5% or higher, with a collective average increase of 5.98%.





Review of special work schedule 2008

Concept                              Amount 2008


               Public Holidays                          203¬Ä

               Nursery Check                           117¬Ä

               Saturdays x 8 hours                  140¬Ä

               Saturdays x 5,5 hours                 96¬Ä


Points to consider

√ľ      Amounts applicable to all departments.

√ľ      Payment in arrears not applicable.

√ľ      Saturday if it was extension of the working week.

√ľ      Saturday: first  appliying since on April 5

 √ľ      Public Holidays: first applying on March 21

√ľ      Nursery Check, net amount

√ľ      Nursery in Payroll, gross amount.