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2008 Labor Calendar, Holidays and Leaves in BSSC (english)

Citioperaciones AIE and Citicorp Customer Service

Please note that has been rectified communication paper bacuse of containing the June 12 as a holiday when it should appear on 12 May.

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Please find below the formal agreement established between BSSC and the workers union regarding the working schedule for the current year.

  • The conditions are as follows:

    Ø      Yearly vacation period of 23 working days

    Ø      2 days-off for excess of working hours

    Ø      16 hours disposal for “personal matters”


Both December 24th and 31st were added as Holidays to the official labor calendar published. If the employee works during one or both of the mentioned dates due to business needs, he/she will receive his/ her regular compensation amount. 


Holiday schedule applied in BSSC for year 2008: January 1st, March 21st and 24th, May 1st and 12th, June 24th, August 15th, September 11th and 24th, November 1st and December 6th, 8th, 24th to 26th and 31st. 

 We would also like to remind you of our on going “Régimen de Permisos”

Employees’ compensation will not be affected in case of previous reported absence according to the following reasons and timing:

Ø      15 days for matrimony.

Ø      2 days for the birth or adoption of a child and also in case of a serious illness/ accident/ hospitalization or death of employees’ in-law or blood relatives (parents, children, grand children, grand parents, brothers, sisters and spouse). In case the employee must travel to reach the affected relative, the period of authorized absence increases to 4 days.

Ø      In case of paternity to 2 days for the birth, plus 13 days paid by the  Seguridad Social.

Ø      1 day for house move

Ø      For the necessary length of time to comply with a public duty, including the exercise of the vote, when legally recognized.

Ø       For the necessary length of time to take prenatal exams and any other technical exam or process that should be taken/done before the birth of a child during the working period. 


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